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Steeped in old world tradition and inspired by traditional and rustic breads, the Cable House B&B proudly serves all natural breads made without preservatives or enhancers. We are dedicated to using fresh and organic fruits; nuts, seed and flours were possible. These breads are flavorful, healthy and made the old-fashioned way. “People are going back to their roots.”

Bountiful Benefits

Welcome to Old World Breads

Staying at the Heart’s Content Cable Houses inspired us to “GO ORGANIC”.

While undertaking the massive restoration project of the Heart’s Content Cable Houses, we were intrigued by the 1800’s vintage photos of these Houses that showed bountiful vegetable gardens. The livers’ of these homes actually ate organically … all the time. What a healthy lifestyle, it was purely natural.
Imagine, living in an era of self-sufficiency with healthy food. Fresh organic vegetables and fruits, seafood taken from the pristine cold waters of the North Atlantic ocean before the stain of pollution touched it. Imagine keeping animals domestically that were treated well, allowed to roam freely and eat naturally.
The benefits of organic food are endless, significantly higher in the essential vitamins and nutrients that your body uses in its defense against cancer. Organic food production does not use any pesticides, growth hormones, fertilizers, or toxic artificial additives like flavoring, coloring or preservatives, which greatly reduces the intake of harmful chemicals in the human body.

We have become Environmentally Attuned.
As budding organic gardeners in Heart’s Content we use no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.  No chemical run-off can find it’s way into the water supply. Another benefit is that animals, birds, and beneficial insects are not harmed by chemical use. 
We have discovered what vegetables and fruits really taste like … WOW! They have superior taste; a virtual explosion of flavor that bears little resemblance to the taste of commercially raised produce. Nothing tastes better than fresh fruits or vegetables straight off the vine, tree, or plant. We are buying and producing organic foods where possible. We feel that staying at the Cable House has brought us closer to the authentic experience of the people who lived there in the 1800’s and a better appreciation of our culture and history.

Corn Bread 

Just a light touch of cornmeal in this bread produces a Louisiana Southern flavoured moist and tasty bread. This bread is a favourite with our guests. 


This healthier staple for breakfast and lunches goes well with every imaginable spread and filling.   

Olive Rosemary Bread

This Mediterranean flavoured crusty bread is ideal to serve with a Greek luncheon salad, feta and European cheeses.