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Couples Retreats

The perfect retreat for you and your loved one. Find new ways to connect to your partner and create memories together in Heart’s Content.

Spiritual Retreats

 Revitalize and renew. Welcome spirituality and inner peace back into your life

Holistic Retreats

Relax and allow your body and mind to experience the detox you deserve. Make Heart's the Cable House your destination for balance, relaxation and wellness. Take good care of yourself and have a Heart's Content Day!

Holistic & Spiritual Retreats: Journey to the Heart

In today’s tumultuous world, a lot of people feel desperately out of balance as we sense the current cosmic energy shift. Many of us feel we need more than external interventions and the traditional get-a-ways, to regain our sense of wholeness and balance.

Wellness retreats offer spiritual healing in addition to physical nurturing, emotional release, and a whole new set of healing tools you might not yet have experienced. Psycho-spiritual retreats can help you develop a more profound understanding of how to gain and maintain health in an unhealthy world. Consciously acquiring a new way of healthy living requires intensive training. Psycho-spiritual retreats offers a venue of small group training, targeting high achieving individuals who have reached a critical point in their personal transition and are looking to make a radical new move forward.

In the serenity and antiquity of the Heart’s Content Retreat Centre, built in the late 1800’s, you will discover venerable spiritual practices that nourish healing, intuition and creation. The programs are designed for personal and spiritual growth. The knowledge, insight and experience you will gain at the retreat center can help to prepare you for your future work and life challenges.

For further information and retreat schedule please refer to the retreat venue offered in September 2014.