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Winterton Headquarters
Located in Winterton, Trinity Bay, our Museum tells the story of the wooden boat from prehistory to today, with exhibits that breathe new life into old traditions. Learn about boat design, construction techniques and tools in our Boat Building Room or step out to our Boat Shed and watch as our resident boat builder shapes and assembles timbers for a traditional wooden punt. Join us for daily tours and demonstrations and try your hand at knitting fishing nets or listen to tales of dorymen and their dories.

 Boat Building Workshops
The Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland & Labrador offers Boat Building Workshops that teach the basic skills and knowledge required to build a wooden boat. Workshop participants actively learn how to build a traditional wooden boat through hands-on training with instruction and interpretation from our resident boat builder and museum staff. Workshops are offered at various levels with each level increasing in duration, material covered, and skills developed.

Newfoundland is a place of stunning natural beauty, unique culture, with a colorful history. As Canada’s most easterly province it is also the most easterly point of land in all of North America. The Newfoundland coastline provides many spectacular hiking trails along its rugged cliffs on the Atlantic Ocean. It is here along the cliffs that one can hike and see many species of seabirds that nest and live here. One such seabird is the Atlantic Puffin, which is the official provincial bird of Newfoundland. During the summer breeding season, the puffin develops it’s bright orange/yellow beak, which is well suited to its colorful personality. It is very humorous to watch Puffins fly and crash land when they have eaten too much. Their short wings are ideal for underwater flight, allowing them to dive up to 200 feet deep to fish.

 The Atlantic Puffin is a small seabird and when full grown will measure only about 10 inches tall, weigh just over 1 pound and have a wing span just shy of 2 feet. After the breeding season when Atlantic Puffins head out to the open ocean to feed, they lose their bright orange and yellow beak colors and their winter beaks take on a more dullish black appearance, perhaps for camouflage purposes. They are migratory seabirds and live mostly at sea preferring to spend winters in the open ocean. Atlantic Puffins can cover a very wide range stretching across most of the Northern Atlantic Ocean from Canada to Europe and from Greenland down to Maine USA.

Newfoundlanders have a term of endearment for our province; we call it “The Rock”, a suitable descriptor for the island. The terrain provides an ideal home for the Atlantic Puffin. The Puffin colonies can be quite large in varies Newfoundland coastal cliff areas. It is common to see Atlantic Puffin breeding colonies with thousands of Puffin pairs.

Puffins are monogamous seabirds and will take a mate for life, returning each spring to their familiar Newfoundland cliff-top nesting site. There, they will lay a single egg in each breeding season. During a six-week incubation period a chick will hatch in the underground nest burrows. Both parents share parenting and feeding duties.
Approximately six weeks later the young chicks are mature enough to leave the burrow. The young Atlantic Puffins head out to the open sea, under the cover of darkness to avoid predators. They will stay at sea up to five years maturing. They will choose a mate and head back to “The Rock” to mate and start their family.


PBS Windows to the Wild
On the Baccalieu Trail
Puffins Of Newfoundland

Newfoundland, is an island in the Northern Atlantic Ocean that has become known as
“Canada’s hidden treasure”

The Baccalieu Trial is steeped in history. The d’Iberville Hiking Trail sign in Heart’s Content right next to the lighthouse points to easy access to a spectacular historic  coastal walking trail.

Newfoundland Coastal Hiking Trails.... Come take

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